Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thelma and Louise

This is the story of Thelma and Louise. Not the movie and not the sad ending. Cowboy left my parents house yesterday about 1:30p to go deer hunting. On his way, he spotted two little puppies along the roadside, wet cold and hanging out in the ditch. Cowboy went on to his deer stand thinking the puppies belonged to the house that they were a block away from.

He left the deer stand around 6:30p and drove back the way he came. The puppies were in the same spot--by the road and in the ditch. He drove back to the house and pounded on the door. The lights were on but no one came to the door. Cowboy again left assuming that when the people came home they would see the puppies and take care of them.

As the night progressed, Cowboy thought and thought about the puppies. It was rainy, wet and very cold out. It would get down to freezing and the puppies were way out in the country where the coyotes would most likely get eat them sometime in the night. He looked at me around 9p and said he thought we should go check on the puppies. Off we go, over to see if the puppies were still there.

We find the puppies in the same spot and go to the nearby house. He gets the lady to come to the door. They aren't hers and she doesn't want them and could really care less about them. We drive back by them and they are shivering, yapping and just wondering around. Some sorry SOB dropped them off there. The puppies were very very sad. It didn't take long to decide that we needed to take them. Where, we didn't know. So off to my parent's house we go with the puppies.

I gave them a warm bath, picked the stick tights off them and got the bugs off of them. I dried them really well, and gave them some milk. They ate like they hadn't eaten in days. We soaked some of Sadie's dog food in water until it was soft and fed it to them. They were so much happier and Cowboy named them Thelma and Louise.
They slept in a plastic tub for much of the night. We were up a couple of times in the middle of the night for potty breaks, more eating and drinking. They were so friendly and cuddly cute. I called all the shelters this morning in the area an it was a no go. There are not many options in that part of the country. So we loaded them up with us and headed to the city. I was so worried and unsure of what we would do with them.

Sadie was not happy. She doesn't like little white furry things and rode home with me, basically ignoring me the whole way. I could tell she wasn't happy.

Thelma and Louise were perfect car riders. We found out by a dog person, they were most likely a lab mix and were about 4-5 weeks old. They didn't make a peep in the car.

We got about half-way home to a small town in KS, Garnett and stopped at the convenience store on the edge of town. I got ready to leave and Cowboy motioned for me to come back. He took Thelma and Louise into the store and told their story. A man driving a very nice pick up truck with Texas tags, scooped one up and said, 'This one's mine"--he was headed to home to give it to his daughter. Another family passing through from Oklahoma to Illinois ( I think they went to the OU/OSU game), fell in love with the other puppy and headed home with her.

Although, I'm sad they didn't stay together, I am so thankful to those wonderful people with huge hearts and a generous spirit. I hope Thelma and Louise have great lives. So much better than going to a pound or being eaten by coyotes.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I am doubly thankful for Cowboy and his huge heart to care enough about those little cold, wet puppies.

Godspeed, Thelma and Louise.


Caroline said...

They are sooo cute. I am so glad I missed your call when you called this afternoon. If I had seen their faces you know I would have taken one in. And I love that picture of Sadie.....she does look like she is very upset with you.

Cowboy is such a good guy.

Lynilu said...

OMG, now I'm bawling. I'm so glad y'all rescued them. They are beautiful little girls.

sniff, sniff.

You two are good people. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm sorry you left before I got to see you yesterday, I am so glad I didn't see those puppies. I wouldn't have been able turn those 2 away. They are just too cute! I'm glad you were able to find them homes.
I love the picture of Sadie, I hope she was happier after the little white furry things found their own home & got out of her territory.
Have a good week, Kim

MJ said...

Sadie has forgiven me, finally. I'm happy the girls have a good home.

Monogram Queen said...

Girl you are making me CRY! I would strangle someone with my bare hands if I ever caught them dumping off animals. That is so cruel and heartless. God bless you and Cowboy!