Monday, November 3, 2008

Somebody Loves the Kennel

So after much debate and trying to keep Sadie off the furniture when we are gone, we were totally losing the battle so we finally broke down and bought a kennel. ($50 off Craig's List). It was so much bigger than what we expected. But to our surprise, somebody just loves it. You can't tell by the pics but it is totally dark and I took this picture with a flash. Sadie usually goes upstairs and goes to "bed" around 8p. I went looking for her and she was in her new space. She has started sleeping more and more in the kennel. She doesn't seem to mind going in there. This has really helped Cowboy and I adjust to the transition of having her kenneled.

Yesterday she went in and got a bath and while she was gone, I washed all her bedding. Oh, I forgot to mention that not only did she get a kennel, she also got a new bed. She only has 4 beds now. We only have 3 people beds in the house. So our baby girl is clean and smells good and so does all of her bedding. She is a little spoiled.


Lynilu said...

I love it! When a dog likes the kennel, it is so good for everyone. Knowing that the kennel is the safe zone is the best thing that can happen for all of you.

Caroline said...

That is great that Sadie loves her new room. Since she has some anxiety issues, I imagine she feels safe in there when no one is home.