Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Cowboy

Cowboy and I had a really good weekend. We went on a date Friday night. Out to eat and then to a movie. We went to see Appaloosa. It was a pretty good western which is Cowboy's favorite kind of movie. Like crazy idiots, we went and played golf on Saturday. It was windy and cold. Not really that great to play. The good thing was that we were one of the only fools out there playing. Don't tell Cowboy, but he only beat me by 6 stokes, which technically means I won our bet. He wasn't happy and tore up the score card. It was cold and the weather played a big part in the high scores.
Saturday night was a good lounge around the house night. This morning, we met Caroline and her girlfriend for breakfast. It was nice to meet Susan since I hear so much about her. Caroline was kind of enough to take some pictures of Cowboy and I. I needed some pictures for our wedding invitation. This one is tops in the running. I've ordered it and a couple of others for a trial run.
This afternoon, I got a nap in. I haven't napped in a long time and just love to have a good afternoon nap. Cowboy woke me up and drug me off to the gym. After looking at some of the pictures, I needed to go to the gym. It was a good weekend.


Caroline said...

OH my gosh I love that picture. And I love it in B/W. It was great meeting you and Cowboy for breakfast. I am so happy you were finally able to meet Susan. She really liked you, Cowboy and Sadie. We would have stayed longer, but we had been up since 4am. (Susan is a very early riser)

Lynilu said...

That is a very nice picture!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture. You guys are so cute together, what a great match!

Monogram Queen said...

A good man is hard to find. Thankfully mine is very accomodating and spoils me too.
Sounds like a wonderful breakfast with Caroline & Susan.
Forgive me if I never comment on golf, my Dad has forever ruined that sport for me pushing it on me throughout my childhood. blah.

Cowboy Friendly said...

great both are prefect match..wish you all the happiness and blessing in life..