Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trial Run

So here is the trial run at our invitation. I had to order a few more things and I'm waiting on them to finish the inside. Cowboy's comment, "It's looks like us". I wish he would get a little more excited about the wedding. He said he was excited about marrying me but wasn't so thrilled with the "wedding" part. Of course, I can understand that, I might feel the same way if I had been married three times before.

I'm getting anxious about this whole deal. I really want to get to the fun part. I'm just going to try to stay as low key as possible. I only have about a little over 4 months to go. Yikes!


Lynilu said...

I like that! It is unique and personal. Good decision, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Love it, it looks exactly like you guys... You are so creative.

Caroline said...

Love the invites and Cowboy is right....they are totally you guys.

I agree with are so creative.