Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a Saturday

Cowboy and I stayed up late Friday night so we slept in for awhile this morning. I love just lying in bed with him in the morning talking about our days, past and future. On the 17th of November last year, we moved into our house. Last year on this date, I closed on my house. A house that I loved, my first house. I always thought that I would be so sad to leave that house, but I love our new one so much that I don't miss the old one at all.

This morning, I looked out the window and saw our first dusting of snow on the deck. It's kind of funny that I have a few snap dragons in bloom on the deck as everything around is starting to hibernate for the winter.

Cowboy and I were going to go to the gym but he got busy selling things and then his buddy called and off he went to cut wood. We haven't turned on our furnace yet, thanks to our two wood stoves keeping the house at a nice 70 degrees.

It did give me a chance to do a little shopping. I visited this place called Old Time Pottery, a great warehouse for household things. I was on a wedding mission. I'm planning on having chocolate colored table cloths and found these place mats to go in the center. Cowboy is going to cut chunks of wood for me and then drill out the centers and we'll put the candles in the wood for the center pieces of each table. I got all the place mats and candles (complete in votive) for $60. I was thrilled. I'm slowly knocking off my list of things to do for the wedding.

I think that I'm coming down with a cold. I have a cough and my chest is tight. However, I think that I also might have missed a few days of allergy medicine--that doesn't help. I was called for Jury duty to start tomorrow and found out last night that I don't have to report--yeah. However, the State is coming to certify our programs this week--yuck. I hope I feel up to the week ahead.

Cowboy leaves tomorrow to go hunting again. I'm going to have to be more organized to be on time for work. He truly is my teammate!

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Caroline said...

Sounds like you and Cowboy had the perfect Saturday morning. And the snow.....I love it and can't wait until we get more.