Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trying Day

Yesterday and today were very trying days at work. My morning yesterday started out pretty shitty when my favorite counselors came into my office and said she was transferring to another unit. I'm was totally caught of guard and shocked. The really sucky part was that the team leader that offered her the position--said nothing to me. I could pull rank because I'm indirectly her boss and say "No f..king way" but I won't do that, that's not who I am.

Then today I had two other staff members fighting like two teenage kids. I felt like a referee all day. These are the kind of days that I wish I was not in managment and had a job at Target being a greeter!


Caroline said...

When I have a rough day I am always thankful that I have a great place to come home to. I know coming home to Cowboy makes any bad day better.

Tomorrow will be's Friday.

Lynilu said...

Ouch. Do you have a policy that keeps people in current positions till a replacement is hired? Regardless, it is hard to lose a good person. Believe that her replacement will be even better. :)

Monogram Queen said...

Oh good times at work - i'm familiar with them! :)
It'll get better sweetie