Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Really It's Time

I have been saying for a while that I need to lose weight. I was at the same weight for such a long time and then it happened. My job exploded on me in March, '06. I was under an amazing amount of stress and moved from managing one program in one department to managing four departments and during that time, I lost all the managers that were working there. It has been a wild two and a half years. While my work life was crazy, my personal life was becoming more and more amazing. And all during that time, I gained around 30 lbs.

I really think that the stress that I was under really contributed to my weight gain. That is not an excuse. What is an excuse is the fact that I haven't done anything to change that. I have gone to the gym, tried to eat less, yada yada yada. Nothing has changed. I have set goals and watched my time lines go by and my waist line grow.

However, with the wedding coming up I'm really starting to get more serious. I have stopped drinking my favorite Cherry Coke. We have been going to the gym more regularly and I have been on my treadmill when we aren't going to the gym. I would really like to lose weight but I'm going to focus less on the number on the scale and more on the eating right and exercising.

We took some pictures the other day and I have one huge bootie. I just want it to slim down. I'm going to work hard. I have to. No more excuses. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

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Caroline said...

If I was as clever as you I would come up with some kind of cheer for you.

Planning a wedding is also stressful, plus we are coming up on the holidays so keep doing what you are doing and remember to be nice to yourself.