Monday, November 17, 2008

What to do?

I could go on and on here about how frustrated I am about work. I have staff that don't do their job and totally ignore what I have to say. I could bitch and moan about how I have some narrow minded, closed staff that think they know everything and just look stupid when they open their mouths. I could groan about how the State is coming in tomorrow to audit our program and how the people from the state are incompetent and a waste of time. I could do all of that but it won't make me feel any better.

So instead I will tell you what I was doing a year ago today. We had orchestrated the best move in the world--maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration but it was one damn smooth move. Cowboy had his son and a buddy come to help and they moved all the big furniture in a moving truck and a pick up truck and trailer. My family showed up with 2 SUV's and a trailer so our 3 SUV's and the trailer carried all the small things and boxes.

Everyone pitched in and in no time--well actually in about 6 hours we were moved into our new home. The weather was amazing. We ordered BBQ and fed everyone well. There was fun and laughter. There was total cooperation by everyone. It was amazing. Cowboy and I didn't have one argument--probably cause we didn't see each other all day. When his crew was at one house we were at the other.

I remember around this time last year (10pm) is was sitting on the top step of our upstairs and was so overwhelmed and so happy at the same time. I was very tired and just laid back and thought how were we going to get all of this done. A year later, it was so worth it and I am very thankful that we had such wonderful family helping us with the move.

Happy house anniversary, Cowboy! His comment, "that's when we became 'common law married' ".


Anonymous said...

Happy house anniversary! It was a good move and a lot of fun. It was a good day! Hope your week gets better.
Love ya bunches,

Lynilu said...

Happy Anniversary!!

And that was a great refocus! have a good day!

Caroline said...

I love what you guys have done to the house, it really does look amazing.

Hope your week gets better. Just week is a short week and you won't have to deal with all the work crap.

Monogram Queen said...

You have every right to bitch and moan but I love how you chose instead to focus on your anniversary :) Sweet.....