Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Work Theme

I seem to be on a roll about work lately. Well, I'm going to blog about it again today. Let me start by saying I feel like shit and haven't slept well in the last two nights. I get to work today and am ready for the site visit and lo and behold, the state reviewer was not there. Where was he, sitting in his office. He demanded all these chart, records, etc and said he would meet me in an hour. When did he show up, hmm almost two hours later. How long did he stay...oh about 3 hours. Will he be back tomorrow, maybe?

You know what sucks- the staff worked so hard all week to get ready for the survey and then the state staff are not there long enough to appreciate all their hard work.

I had a very direct conversation with my staff today and told them they needed to step up their game. I really need supervisory help and it's on the way. A bittersweet situation. My job duties have increased so I can't and don't have time to provide the supervision that staff need and yet, I started the program and have a lot of ownership connected to it and hate to say that I can't do it.

Okay on a good note, Cowboy is on his way home. I've missed him. He didn't shoot Bambi so he's on his way back.


Caroline said...

You probably haven't slept well because Cowboy was gone. Glad he's coming home tonight.

Sounds like you might need some Kokopelli's by Friday.

Monogram Queen said...

I"m glad your man will be home. All will be well. You'll see.