Thursday, November 12, 2009

Busy Week

Once again it has been a busy week at work. Working long hours and still have so much to do. I keep saying that it has to get better but it hasn't. Next week the state comes for a certification visit. They want all this stuff, yuck. I have so much to do. I could work all weekend and still not get everything done.

Things really need to get better......


Monogram Queen said...

I feel ya, I feel ya, I feel ya.
I feel like I work on treadmill.
Running like hell - but not getting anywhere.
Hope the state visit goes well and some of the pressure/work is off of you soon.

Caroline said...

Just like it has always will do just fine when the state comes in. But I know it can be stressful. Just least you don't have to deal with the crappy landlord anymore. :) I really need to come visit you at work to see where your new digs are.

Hope you are able to relax some this weekend.