Saturday, November 28, 2009


Just a quick post. We came down to the farm on Wednesday and I haven't left except for a few short trips to town. I fixed a big meal on Thursday. Once again the family didn't communicate well and if we had changed it to a really late lunch, we could have all ate together. All the siblings were here at one time or another but not all at the same time.

Yesterday, I worked on a few crafts and just hung out with the momster. We ran to town to pick up a few things and then it was back to the farm. Cowboy has been an outdoorsman and had done a lot of "riding" around with dad.

Today, Mom and I have been putting up all of her Christmas decorations. It has been very uneventful. I think the leftovers are at a minimum and tonight will be ham and beans night.

I'm getting a little antsy to head back to my home. I miss it but also love being on the farm. I'm lucky to have the best of two worlds.


Lynilu said...

When one has the fortune of calling two places "home," that one is blessed .... and cursed. :)

Monogram Queen said...

Yes you are very lucky and fortunate in that you appreciate both too! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you an d yours!

Caroline said...

So glad you had a good holiday with your family.

You know the funny thing...I loved going to KC and it was so good to see those I miss, but it was also really good leaving and coming home to Marysville. I'm a city girl that loves the country and you're a country girl that loves the city.