Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks Giving

At this time when everyone is expressing their thanks for the things in their lives, I'm feel so sad for my Cowboy. Cowboy does not have good relationships with his family members and has very little family support.

Cowboy is the oldest son in the family and the second of five kids. Donna is the oldest and left home at the age of 15. She has been away from here ever since, living on the east coast. Donna has lots of health issues. She is very poor and lives in very unstable situations. She was recently in a car wreck and is now living in an assisted living home in a wheelchair. Donna writes Cowboy letters and then Cowboy writes her back. He hasn't seen Donna for years and probably won't see her anytime soon.

Then there is Cowboy's brother. Ron has a drinking problem and is diabetic. Ron moved to Pennsylvania to get away from the trouble he was having here. Cowboy will occasionally hear from Ron but not often. Usually it's calls like Ron was in a diabetic coma and almost died. Or Ron got in a fight and got totally beaten up. Cowboy hasn't seen Ron for 6 years.

Finally, there is the drama of the two younger sisters, Robin and Sandra. These are the two sisters that joined the church that kicked their mom out after his dad died. It was kind of a cult church. A couple of years ago, Sandra's husband died and Cowboy went to the funeral. Since that time, Robin went wild and left the church, she divorced her husband and the husband married Sandra. Cowboy has no contact with them.

I can't imagine not talking to my brothers and sisters and having my parent no longer with me. I'm having a small Thanksgiving dinner for Cowboy and his family. It's my attempt to support Cowboy build a family. We have invited his son and DIL, his adopted mom, and a buddy of his. Cowboy is struggling with his daughter so I'm not sure if she'll be coming to dinner.

I just want to remember to be thankful for my family, no matter what.


Caroline said...

Cowboy is so lucky to you have. I think it's so awesome that you make sure that the family he has created for himself is around for the holidays. As a person that does not have much communication with my own family, I know a small gesture like that is really appreciated.

Monogram Queen said...

He is very lucky to have you and your family. I know it's not "exactly" the same though.
I am torn about what to do for my Thanksgiving. I've made plans to go to my nieces with my sister and her other girls but my MIL wants us to go to my SIL's. She pointed out that we haven't had Thanksgiving together since my FIL died 4 years ago. I know my sister/niece(s) are going to throw a FIT if I try to change things though but I really want to go to my SIL's.