Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

1) We are half way done with our state audit. The clinical part went really well and the billing part is a pure pain in my ass. I want to drop kick those bitchy folks.

2) My iPhone seems to be behaving itself so hopefully I won't have any more problems.

3) I am on week two of my new workout program and I am just down right sore all over. I decided that I had gotten lazy in my workouts so I'm stepping it up a notch and although, I feel better, I'm sore.

4) Cowboy made brownies and bought ice cream today for dessert.

5) I wonder why I don't seem to lose weight maybe because of #4.

6) I haven't had to travel any with my job this week and I still can't seem to get anything done, see #1.

7) I am extremely tired of high maintenance staff, well, as a matter of fact, that applies to state auditors.

8) I would almost pay $1000 to just lay in bed all day tomorrow and eat brownies and ice cream--conflicts with #3 but explains #5.

9) For a much as I love my Cowboy, sometimes he absolutely bugs the every loving shit out of me. Like he did, 15 minutes ago.

10) I have really stinky gas tonight--to many black beans in my soup at lunch and then my Cowboy put them in my dinner tonight. I guess he'll get what's coming to him in bed.

11) Oh yes, I was walking in the hallway after eating the beans, and just farted the loudest fart I had all day. I just kept walking and pretended it didn't happen. So much for black bean soup.


Caroline said...

I have a great way to get rid of the state lots of beans tonight and tomorrow and then bring them into your office, close the door and allow the beans to take affect. I am sure they will be ALL done with their audit in a matter of minutes.

Monogram Queen said...

I Love a girl who isn't afraid to let one rip - or talk about it! Ha! Ha!