Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a busy day. My mother is in town for a girls weekend with friends from High School. I had to pick her up at 10a. So Cowboy and I went out for breakfast. He was leaving for a couple of days. He had decided that he needs to go sit in a tree stand and try to bow hunt. To damn cold for me, but if that floats his boat, go for it.

Mom and I went shopping. She is re-doing three rooms in her house. We found new living room furniture. She also bought a new mattress. She is having trouble sleeping on her. But then again it only about 25 years old, no wonder. Then it was off to find bedding. We hit a sale and she got a comforter, pillow shams, bed skit, sheets, curtains and two throw pillow for $200--score. Especially in light of looking at some duvet covers that were $150 by themselves.

She is really thrilled about the new stuff and is anxious to get it all done. We are going to paint and find carpet around Thanksgiving. Lots to do.

So I asked her if she wants to come to my wedding. I thought she was going to jump out of the car when I told her it was going to here in KC. I also asked my brother to officiate the ceremony. I think he is going to do it.

I admire my brother a lot for his faith in God and his devotion to living a good life in the name of the Lord. He is religious but you would not know that by meeting him. He truly lives by example and I can't think of anyone better to help us.

The only down side to getting married here and not in Vegas is our wedding date is not 3-6-9, bummer.

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Caroline said...

I bet your Mom was just thrilled that you guys have decided to get married here. And that is so neat that your brother will marry you and Cowboy. It seems like it is all coming together perfectly.

So, is your wedding date the same as when the reception was going to be?