Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let the plan begin.

Picture walking up to this place and getting ready for a wedding here.

This end has enough space for an actual wedding. If that is something we wanted to do.

This center area will hold around 250 people with tables, a dance floor, dj and whatever else.
Cowboy and I went to look at this place for our reception. It is out in the country on 600+ acres. It is amazing to drive up to with a white picket fence around the property and a brick road leading up to the barn. It was beautiful on the inside. I originally thought that we would need to do a lot of decorating but it is amazing all on its own. We are going to have our reception there.
Then my friend, Dr. T and I started planning the big day. It is overwhelming to me but I'm starting to have a plan. I'm sure it will all come together. We decided on what the cake will look like, the colors of the table linens, the decoration, the caterer and a few other things.
On my way home, Dr. T called and made a suggestion that instead of going to Vegas to get married, why don't we just do it there.
We are going to have family pictures taken before the wedding.
So Cowboy and I started talking about it. We may save our money for a honeymoon and tie the knot here. My family will get to be there that way. It will be small and private and then the big loud reception. It may happen that way. I'm sure my mom will be thrilled.
Oh my, more planning.


Caroline said...

Love the idea of getting married here and then going on a honeymoon. I know your Mom will be really happy if you decide to get married here. Would you keep the same date of 3-6-09?

Lynilu said...

I know where that is!! Tres chic!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Page's approve! We love it! It's gorgeous! We are excited for you and love you dearly. So glad you are happy!
The Pages