Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Bosses Day

Happy Bosses Day!

Here's to all the bosses out there. I've decided to give a tribute to all the bosses that I have had in my life.

Becky- my neighbor growing up. I babysat for her three boys, cleaned her house, stayed with the boys when they went on vacation. She was fun to work for and seeing those boys now is a hoot. They are grown with their own family.

Wilma- the cafe owner. She cooked and I did everything else, waited tables, served, took money, cleaned, etc. She had a boyfriend and would disappear every afternoon for a couple of hours with him and he would chase her around the cafe and pinch her butt..all at the age of 70. She paid me cash every week and I would never know how much that would be.

Paula- a great first supervisor for someone right out of college. She was a good advisor.

Crazy lady, Ruth- I moved to Kentucky and got a job with the state. She had a little anxiety and other mental health issues, made for an interesting time.

Hilda-stern and straight forward, more of a the type of boss that tells you what to do and not teaches you how to do it

Debi- She had big ideas and could make things happen but wasn't much of a supervisor, more of a friend.

Carla- my friend, then my boss, then my peer and a great person. She and I would fight and then laugh about what ever issue it was.

The witch--she was someone that learned a lot from and taught me a lot about management, but was not stable and would have this favorite child thing with Carla and I--fortunately, I was the good child most of the time. In the end, I couldn't work for her any more and told her supervisor that I needed a new supervisor or I was leaving.

Alan- very supportive, got me away from the witch, and has allowed me to have lots of responsibility and has given me lots of support.

I have been a manager for the past 12 years. It is a tough job and one that I know that I suck at occasionally and one that I know that I do a great job at some of the time, and a job that I wish I did better 100% of the time. So here's to all the bosses that are out there. My hats off to you and the hard work that goes into management.


Anonymous said...

Happy Bosses day to you!
I'm sure you are a great boss, you have all of the good qualities that you mentioned.
(not that I have ever worked for you but you have bossed me around through the years so I know how you are.)

Caroline said...

I loved reading all about your boss'. I am pretty sure you are an awesome boss.

Monogram Queen said...

Ack it just pisses me off that Bosses Day is MY Birthday! :P