Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grumpy Butt

Guess who was a Grumpy Butt when I got home. Goodness, he can be grumpy and grouchy at times. Cowboy does not have any filters. He just says what he thinks and doesn't seem to be able to stop once he gets wound up. We went to dinner and he seems to calm down some but got all wound up again once we got home. He is finally calm now and seems to be relaxed. The ongoing issue seems to be that he will get a plan in his mind and when that doesn't happen he has a hard time of adjusting and going with the flow. If he doesn't have a plan in place, he is very adaptable.

Sadie got a new bedroom today. We found a kennel on Craig's list and brought it home today. We told her it was her new bedroom and she went in it and didn't come out for 10 minutes. I think we are both feeling good about it. We have set it up in our spare bedroom so it's out of the way and when we have company it will be easy to collapse and slide under the bed. We are now on "Operation Off The Furniture". Our hope is to keep her off all the furniture and human beds. My gosh, she only had three beds of her own.

I am taking the afternoon off tomorrow and playing golf with my man and our neighbor, Stevie. Stevie won't let him have a temper tantrum. Stevie doesn't put up with that shit from him. Should be a good afternoon. Let's hope anyway.


Caroline said...

Sorry that Cowboy was grumpy today, but it sounds like Cowboy and I have a couple things in common. I also have a hard time adjusting when a plan does not work out.

Have a great time playing golf tomorrow. It's going to be a beautiful day.

Lynilu said...

Well, as for Grumpy Butt, just tell him to take it outside! When he loses the grump, he can come back in and play nice! Yeah, I know, easy for me to say.

And about Sadie .... now, look. don't you understand that human beds are much more comfortable than dog beds? WhasamattaU???? I swear, you just don't "think dog," do you? We gotta talk!!