Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Do you believe in UFO's? Do you really think that there is other forms of life out there?

Cowboy was outside yesterday when a total hippie guy was walking past our house. Cowboy knew he wasn't from the neighborhood. But in true Cowboy fashion, he started talking to the guy. The guy was in his 60 and said he liked walking in the neighborhood because he grew up in our house.

The hippie went on to describe the house to a T. That lent some credibility to the guys story of living here in the house. Then Mr. Hippie went on to tell Cowboy that when he was about 17, he was coming home with his little brother in the car. They turned the corner onto the street and saw an UFO hovering above the house and then swoosh off. They drove around the neighborhood to try to catch up with the thing. When they came back to the street, the UFO was hovering over the house again. Once again swoosh and it was gone.

Cowboy said Mr. Hippie was very straight faced and serious as hell. Mr. Hippie went on to tell of a time that his mother was sleeping in the house and a bright light suddenly appeared to shine directly into the house and the bedroom she was sleeping in. The light broke the window and Mr. Hippie's mother saw a UFO out side of the window.

Seriously, I'm not making this up and Cowboy said the guy wasn't making it up either. Maybe I'm in for an adventure living here.

One freak out moment: If we get married in March, that is 5 months away. OMG


Caroline said...

I do believe there are spirits out there, but I am not too sure about UFO's. Even when I was a JW I believed in spirits and angels.

I am going to have to pay more attention when I am at your house to see if I see any strange things.

You need to start a countdown on your blog to your wedding day...and I do believe you will be getting married on 3-6-9. We also need to have a bachelorette party for you.

Monogram Queen said...

Hey I believe in spirits and am unsure about UFO's. I don't dis-believe... so.....