Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Great Fisherman

The great fisherman brought home his catch. He reports that he caught about 50 fish, all from farm ponds. He is a good fisherman and does a good job of cleaning and fileting them. I came home from work tonight and had fresh fried fish on the table with home grown tomatoes and freshly made apple sauce. Dinner was yummy.

The fisherman was grumpy this morning. We had to call our home warranty company for our furnace and attic fan. He thinks all repairmen are crooks and are out to screw you. Which may be true to some extent...before you start, let me just say the repairman tried to find things to invalidate our warranty and Cowboy did a good job of challenging him on that. We did get a new furnace motor and are going to get a new attic fan motor. But all of this made him grumpy and guess who he takes it out on. So what did I do, hung up the phone on him. What does he do, calls me back and plays nice. He knows he's grumpy and he is doing better at changing that quickly. One of these days, he may get it right.


Caroline said...

Wow, that is a lot of fish. Your dinner sounds like it was really good. When are you going to share your homemade apple sauce??

Sorry that Cowboy was grumpy tonight. Tell him I understand how he is feeling.

Monogram Queen said...

Well he did good on many counts, the fish, challenging the repairman.. and calling you back! Yay for Cowboy!