Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our own personal dishwasher

Just beware, if you come to our house just know that we have a dishwasher. Our dishwasher works hard to make sure that every dish is spotless and slick as a whistle. All we have to do is put the dish away. No water, no electricity and very efficient.
Cowboy made it home. No Bambie in his truck. It's good to have him home.


Caroline said...

Glad Cowboy made it home safe. Will he go out again this year?

Awwww....I miss Sadie. I need to come by sometime to visit with her. And next time when you invite me to dinner, don't be offended when I bring my own plate. :)

Lynilu said...

Hee hee hee! I love you dishwasher. The newest model, right? And it's so ecologically friendly!!

I love those raised dishes for large dogs. Especially as they age and have stiffness, the need that assistance to make their meals comfortable.