Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm the domestic queen

I think I am becoming a domestic queen, maybe even a domestic goddess. I came home, walked the dog, chatted with the neighbors, paid the HOA dues and then came home to bake fresh apple crisp. I then started vacuum packing fish and then peeling apples and vacuum packing them. I'm planning on going into the winter with fresh fish, apples, and fresh corn off the cobb.

This may be the domestic side of me that was always waiting to come out. I love making a home with Cowboy. We talk all the time about what a good team we make. He catches the fish, I freeze them. He buys the corn and I clean it and freeze it. He gathers the apples, I peel them, he cuts them up and pack them. Between the two of us, we do a great job of working together.


Caroline said...

Fresh apple crisp?? Did you make that for anyone in particular?? :):)

I and Cowboy are a very good team.

Lynilu said...

But... but.... who's the one to cook all that stuff?? That's the important part!!

Yumm, that all sounds good! I bought some apples to make an apple crisp, too.

MJ said...

Lynilu- the best part is Cowboy cooks as much as I do.

Caroline-did you want some??

Monogram Queen said...

God - i've been married going on 14 years - when does the "domestic queendom" kick in! LOL Stacy seriously wants to know!

Lynilu said...

I tagged you! Check my blog!