Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My Cowboy gets frustrated very easy. I'm not sure what that is all about but when it comes to some things, he gets frustrated in the drop of a hat. Today is a good example of this. We had a message about our dryer exchange (finally). I called home and I asked him to get the name and number for me. He said he couldn't understand the message. So I asked him to play the message back to me and put the phone down by the machine so I can listen to the message. He would put the phone down by the message for two seconds and then start talking to me. When I asked him to let me just listen to the message, he couldn't put the phone down there long enough for me to get the whole message. He finally go so frustrated that he quickly said good bye and hung up. I think that sometimes it's linked to his inability to hear real well. I do know that given a little bit of time to think about it, he calms down and is more thoughtful and less reactive.

I really think that Cowboy doesn't have to be perfect. I think the real dance for us is learning each others issues (weakness) and for that matter strengths, and figuring out when to give support strengths, when to back off, and when to challenge. So far, we are dancing well.


Lynilu said...

That sounds like some auditory processing problems. ??? A hearing loss alone is frustrating enough, but if he has trouble deciphering the words when he begins to get frustrated, it just compounds. Another thought is Adult ADD/ADHD. Does he show signs of that? My son used to, but he fortunately got a handle on it and knows that when he gets frustrated, his processing tends to shut down.

It must be frustrating for you, too. I hope you can get a handle on it for the sake of you both.

And I hate to tell you, but it may get worse when you marry. Been there, done that! There is a "license for frustration," unfortunately, that is activated along with the "license to wed." Don't know why, but it happens.

MJ said...

He does have pretty significant hearing loss, he was a diesel mechanic for 12 years and having his head in the engine contributed to the loss. We have pretty much found a way to deal with it and laugh about the pair we will make as we get old--he can't hear and I can't see, imagine what that will look like in 20 years...hahaha

Caroline said...

Imagine all the great stories your family will have when you can't see and he can't hear.

One of my favorite memories is when we were having a family dinner with my Grandma and Great Uncle. They were at opposite ends of the table and since neither of them could hear, it was actually really funny watching them communicate.

Monogram Queen said...

Just have to be patient, men can be a challenge sometimes!