Monday, October 13, 2008

My Weekend

Cowboy had friends that came to the city for the weekend. We all took a trip to the Renaissance Festival. Now that was an interesting time. I was surprised at the number of people that dressed up to attend the festival. Cowboy stepped up to tried the bang the bell thing. Thanks to years of chopping wood, no problem.

This is what people do to their poor dogs. It think the dog was supposed to be a dragon. Why????

Here is Cowboy and his buddies. The beer made it more bearable.

This cute couple walked all over the Festival holding hands and playing the role of royalty.

The best of all was the craft show. I found this frog for the pond. I love it! It was a good weekend.


Caroline said...

Some of the people at the Renaissance Festival are just freaks. I would never dress the way they do or even worse, spray paint Sophie's hair. The people that go to the Renaissance Festival are as much of the act as the paid employees.

Love the frog. And it looks perfect right next to your pond.

Lynilu said...

I miss the Ren Fest. We went every year for years and years, until Glen couldn't walk it any more.

There is an artist here who does rock & metal sculptures. Turtles, cranes (big and small), all kinds of things that would go with your froggy! Wanna come visit?

MJ said...

Lynilu- I'll definitely stop by when I'm out your way!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh I LOVE your frog! Love it~
I have never been to a Ren Faire!
I dress up my dog but not on a regular basis or anything.