Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh my baby.

Oh my baby, my sweet sweet baby. How can you be so adorable one minute and a terror the next. We went to bed the other night and with the falling temps, I think Sadie was a little cool. She had her head tucked all the way under her leg. It was the funniest thing that we had seen.

So we had a little pity on our poor baby and found a blanket that she could have all to herself. She seemed to really like it and stayed snuggled up most of the night.

Life was good, until tonight. Sadie has been getting into trouble when we are gone. We came home the other night and she had eaten her breakfast and then ate a loaf of bread off the cabinet. We also come home a couple of times just recently and she has been on the couch--a big no-no. Tonight, the icing on the cake---all the kitchen trash was all over the floor. So as of right now--8:51pm-- she is out on the back deck, penned up and in major time out. I think we are going to have to buy a kennel and start kennelling her when we leave the house. As Cowboy said, she had the run of the house and life was good. I think her little world will be rocked if she can't behave. She gets plenty of exercise and lots of loving so I'm not sure what is going on.

Cowboy is so proud of himself. He figured out how to use the DVR and we are now watching Geronimo. I was thrilled when he told me that was our evenings plans-not. However, this show has Matt Damon and Jason Patric, so life is good.


redfrog27 said...

Pepper's mate. They were seperated at birth. Pepper gets kennelled when we are not home cause she cant behave either dogs got to love them.

Caroline said...

Oh My. Do you think the fact that I came over to visit a week ago made her remember all the things she used to do???? :)

I loved it when Laura had no idea how to use the DVR and then when she figured out how to work it I had to watch all the crap she liked. At least he picked something that you could enjoy looking at.

Lynilu said...

We humans always think of kenneling as "mean," however, it is so much better for everyone. Once she (and you) get over the adjustment, it will be fine. It will probably become her haven. My guys, especially Ali, Joey and Sam, often go to the crate during the day to catch a few z's.

I love the DVR. I also love that the dogs don't argue about what is recorded!

Monogram Queen said...

I love when Reilly curls up and puts his paw over his nose. Dogs are so precious aren't they!?