Monday, February 23, 2009

Ear Trouble

Let me preface this by saying--gross body gunk, read at your own risk.

Seriously, I can handle a lot of pain before I start complaining. I only have Tylenol in my cabinet and never take any other over the counter medication. But my freakin' ear hurts! I was cleaning my ears out this morning and discovered that I had a ton of ear wax. Gross! Yuck! Most likely a symptom of not taking allergy medication for weeks, when I needed to.

I was able to clean out my right ear but just as you shouldn't, I used a Q-Tip and shoved what must be a gallon of wax deeper in my left ear. My ear hurts. It feels all clogged up. The pain goes down the side of my face and to my neck. I'm so tempted to get a paper clip and fish it out. I know, that's not the answer and the last time when I tried that I hurt my ear drum.

I tend to want to "fix" my ailment with very unconventional means. I'm trying to be patient and use some ear drops that I have from a couple of years ago. I'm really going to try to keep foreign objects out of my ear. This might be the hardest thing I have to do.

I just want it to get better quick!


Caroline said...

I have the same problem sometimes. There is a product where you put drops in your ears and it will loosen up the ear wax.

One time when I was a teenager I thought I had gone deaf in my left ear because suddenly I couldn't hear out of that ear. My Mom was on the phone with her Mom and she said, "Mom I need to let you go because Caroline thinks she has gone deaf." :) After one treatment it had cleared up all the wax.

Hope you feel better soon.

Lynilu said...

Sometimes when I get an impaction like that, it takes 2-3 treatments to get it out. Did you get the kit with the little rubber bulb to squirt warm water in after soaking it? That's the only way I can ever get it out completely. Yeah, this whole conversation is gross. LOL!

Monogram Queen said...

Yikes for ear probs! I could write a book on them. Feel better quick!