Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tree Day

I woke up this morning to the sound of chainsaws buzzing over my house. Today was tree day at the ranch. A tree service was at our house earlier this week when Cowboy struck up a conversation with the tree climber. The climber cut trees on the side and they decided to top our walnut tree today. This guy was amazing to watch. He was very good at his job and seem just as comfortable in the tree as he was on the ground. We had a big branch hanging over our roof and Cowboy did not want anyone walking on our roof. They didn't step one foot on the roof and didn't hit the house once.

In this picture, you can see how high up the guy really was. And I didn't get him at his highest point.

You can start to see the pile of brush left behind. To get a better price, Cowboy agreed to take care of all that was left behind. We also will burn the wood next winter. Cowboy was out side all day working in the yard and did an awesome job of getting it all cleaned up.

At some point , this big boy showed up. Cowboy had me try to find his owner.
All this boy had on his collar was his rabies tag with the vet clinic name and number. His vet was from Manhattan, only about two hours away. I called the clinic and amazingly, they found the number and had the owner information. I asked if he could possibly belong to a couple named Nate and Karen (a couple that recently moved into our neighborhood from Manhattan). No it wasn't theirs. The clinic said they would call the owner and have the owner call me. About 10 minutes later, Will called saying that he got a call that I had his dog, Casey. Casey was supposed to be saying with his friend. Come to find out, Nate was his friend and Casey got out of his back yard. I told Will that I would walk Casey back.
When I went outside and called to Casey, he responded and we walked home. What a great ending, especially since we live very close to a busy street and the outcome could have ended tragically.


Caroline said...

Isn't it amazing the people that trim trees. I agree, it is totally fasinating to watch.

Casey is one lucky dog. I am glad you were able to find where he belongs. Another good reason to always have tags on your dogs.

Lynilu said...

That's a beautiful dog. I'm thinking you could take up a second job of dog-finder, if you need some extra cash.

Tree trimmers are fun to watch. I can't imagine myself doing something like that!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh man, so glad you got the big guy safe!

I love to watch tree work.