Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Back

Survivor is back. Yipee. Hip-Hip Hooray. Be assured that I will be watching every Thursday night and someday, I swear I will be on that show. Did I ever tell you that my ex-boyfriends son was on one season of the show. It was years after we broke up but it was cool to actually know someone on the show.

On a side note, I sent out my wedding invites and have gotten tons of compliments on them. But the most exciting part is that I am starting to get the RSVP cards. It's like Christmas in the mailbox.

However the RSVP cards are also a puzzle. I sent out two invites, one for the wedding and one for the reception. I forgot to put a place on the RSVP card for the respondees name. Lucky I caught it after only about 10 invites and wrote in tiny letters on the back who it belonged to. But today I got one back from who knows. I guess I'll be surprised.

44 days but who's counting.


Lynilu said...

I'm chuckling at the RSVP glitch! Best laid plans, right? Well, unless you're dealing with a sit down dinner with place cards, at least you'll have an idea of the number to expect.

Anonymous said...

did you get mine????
I wanted to be first, I thought I was very prompt getting it back to you.
Pretty good for me. :)

Monogram Queen said...

YOU are counting - that is who! I got out one of our invitations the other day and looked it. Sweet memories... now I need to have our wedding video converted to DVD.

Happy Valentines Day MJ & Cowboy!

Caroline said...

Your wedding is going to be so much fun. Mine RSVP should be coming any day now.

MJ said...

Lynilu- I am dealing with a dinner count, I think I'll be able to get close to a number. It should be interesting

Kimmie- I did get yours, very impressive you were second but only because it had to come from out of town.

MQ- same to you and Stacy

Caroline- can't wait got get your to add to my list.

Caroline said...

Oh, and when you do go on the Amazing Race, I get to watch Sadie.