Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yes, that my niece, Lil Miss standing in a milk can. She is a little thing and is currently undergoing some test to find out why she is so small. She is no longer on the growth chart, well below. She's also had a few health problems in the past couple of months. We are all praying that the doctors will find out what is going on and she will grow and grow.

So how can you resist that adorable face. We were laughing at her. We went on a three mile walk this morning and she was so tired when we got home. She was watching us but had a hard time keeping her eyes open. She finally went to her bed and took a nap. What an adorable baby!Today was pretty relaxing, something that I really needed!


Lynilu said...

The pictures of Sadie make me laugh. Se looks startled or slightly fearful .... were there any Shih Tzu in the room? LOL! She is such a beautiful girl.

Good luck on the health of your niece. It is scary to have that kind of thing going on.

Caroline said...

I hope everything goes well for your niece. Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

What great pictures of Sadie. She is sooooooo cute.

Monogram Queen said...

She IS tiny! I hope everything is okay for her health-wise.

Sadie is just gorgeous. She looks like she's made of velvet!