Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guess Who Has Snow

Guess who got snow. Wonderful cold snow. This morning it was beautiful fluffy white snow falling down. This afternoon it was bitter cold and not quite as fun. Late this afternoon, the sun came out and it was pretty out.

My mom wasn't able to leave for home today so she is still here hanging out with us. We did a ton of shopping yesterday and I'll fill you all in on what we did later. We got a little shopping in today and then have sat around and ate and watched 12 hours of the Hallmark channel. It's been a TV marathon. I'm almost tired from doing nothing today.

Cowboy has informed me that tomorrow is house cleaning day. Boy is it needed.


Lynilu said...

twelve hours of Hallmark or Lifetime put me into a depression! You must be a stronger woman than I am!

Caroline said...

I really like your pictures. Is the flagpole new? I don't remember seeing it.

Glad you and your Mom were able to enjoy some time together just hanging out.

I miss the Hallmark Channel. That is the channel that plays my LHOTP.

Monogram Queen said...

So pretty!!! Yay for "mom time"!!!