Thursday, February 19, 2009

Work of a different kind

I took the afternoon off today. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled and just decided that I would take the whole afternoon off to finish a few wedding details.

I stopped by the bank and got Cowboy added to my checking account (not that he will have access). We needed to be able to have some conveniences with depositing checks with both our name on it etc.

Next, I was off to the grocery store to look at flowers. Everyone recommended that they were the best for flowers for the wedding and price-wise they were. I was able to get all of my flowers ordered for the wedding. I'm going to have Gerber daisies similar to the color above for the bouquet and then in single vases on the tables. Check that off the list.

My next stop was the linen place. The table cloths are ordered and will be ready for the big day. They are brown with the exception of the cake table which is sage green. Check that off the list.

Then it was off to the doctor. Time of a physical--fun fun and a script for allergy medication. I haven't taken it for a couple of months and with the change in the weather, it's time to start again. I'm scheduled for a mammogram. They told me the place I'm going has the new digital technology--no more boobie smashing.

I'm almost exhausted after getting all that done. Cowboy and I are going to grab a quick bite to eat and then it's time for Survivor. Whew, I'm tired.


Lynilu said...

A very busy day!! Isn't it amazing how much you can get done when you schedule your errands well?

Caroline said...

Sounds like a very busy, but productive day. Glad you were able to get so much marked off your list.

I really love the flowers you picked for your wedding.

Monogram Queen said...

Fun stuff! It's getting clos-er!!!