Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Going On

No sense in blogging about what a sucky work life I have right now. It will get better, it has to since I won't be running out and finding a new job anytime soon. So going on....

Tomorrow is going to be in the 50's, a perfect day to play a round of golf. A day that I would love to be out of the office hittin' em long and straight. I came home last night and found a confirmation for a tee time on the table. Really??? My name was on it but I'm pretty sure I won't be the one to check in and dust off my clubs.

So on the way home, I call Cowboy. Here it goes the loving banter:

Me: I can't believe you are playing without me.
Cowboy: Well it will be 50 degrees, what do you expect.
Me: It's just not fair.
Cowboy: You better get used to it, that will happen a lot this summer.
Me: You know what I say to that, you better get used to me and my Wii if I have to get used to you playing golf without me.
Cowboy: Golf and Wii are not the same. I can't play golf with a Wii player.
Me: We'll have to discuss that before we get married--it may be a deal breaker.

I want a Wii so may help my golf game (right?)


Caroline said...

Did you see the forecast for Friday? I think it's suppose to be in the 70s. I think if Cowboy is going to play golf while you work he at least needs to not tell you about it. :)

It will all work out at work. Just take one day at a time.

Lynilu said...

50° tomorrow and 70° on Friday?? That man's gonna be on the golf course a lot!!

Monogram Queen said...

You would love a Wii! They are so much fun. Wedding present maybe?