Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catch up

This is to catch you all up on several different things.

Grumpy was grumpy again last night. He is much different today. I think the economy is getting him down and his business is really really slow. I know he hates not making money. I'm thankful for my job and grateful that we could live off of my income if we needed to.

Sadie is on antibiotics and seems to be getting better. At least, she is not drooling and getting everything in her path slobbery wet. She will go in on the 20th to get her teeth cleaned and a blood mole taken off of her leg (which is good, since it looks like a big fat tick on her leg).

My diet is going well. I lost two pound last week and have been exercising almost daily. My new running shoes are awesome and thanks to my friend who recommended long ago that new running shoes are well worth what you pay for them. I actually ran on my treadmill last night. Don't get too excited, I didn't run far but it's a start. The best thing is that this morning my knees and feet didn't hurt at all. I am also doing a good job of cutting down my portions and stopping when I am full.

The wedding planning is going---I need to get busy on several things, mainly the final details and the invitations.

I think that's all.


Monogram Queen said...

We all just have to deal with the economy and the changes and ways it affects us. We just have to choose to not let it do it negatively :)

Planning a wedding is so fun and exciting! Please post some invitation pics!

Lynilu said...

I'm really glad Sadie is improving. I hate it when our babies are sick.

As for the economy .... tell Grumpy that I understand. It just sucks.

Caroline said...

I am so glad that Sadie is getting better. I also hate it when my babies are sick because I feel so helpless.

I hope Cowboys business gets better soon. Sounds like you guys have done a good job in making sure that you could live off one income if you had to.

Sunnye said...

Keep it up Marsha! I just got new running/exercising shoes to start my new year too. You can do it and once you get going, you'll keep going.

I don't know much about Cowboy yet but just try not to let his grumpiness transfer to you. It's hard, especially when one is sensitive but things do go much more smooth. If Manny wasn't soooo chilly billy I don't know what would happen! Either that or tell him to get over it! ;)

Try not to stress and pace yourself. And most importantly--have FUN!