Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dress Shopping

So today I went dress shopping. My friend, Dr. T, who had been helping me plan my wedding has been encouraging me to go shopping for the dress. I have been on line looking at a dress and found one that I really kind of liked. I am not the traditional white wedding dress kind of gal so I looked in the bridesmaid section. The place was a zoo with lots of very young girls trying on wedding dresses. Oh, I feel to old to be doing this. Anyways, I tried on lots of dresses and

drum roll please.......

Here is the dress. I tried it on in black and wanted it in champagne but it doesn't come in champagne so my options were white and pink. I'm going with pink because it is very light and will look perfect with a tan. I also found the perfect pair of shoes. So heels that are a little strappy and sparkly. I'm very happy with my selection.

I now have to keep up the diet and firm up several spots.

Here's the next question...what to do with the hair: veil, flowers, or beady thing. Hair up or down?


Lynilu said...

I like that. it is really simple and elegant at the same time. The hair? I say flowers and beads, not too much, just enough to highlight. Simple and elegant. :)

Caroline said...

I LOVE the dress!!!! And I agree with Lynilu with the and beads would look great. Have you thought about pulling your hair up on the sides. I think that would look good.

Can you believe it's just about 2 months until you are married. I know you are so excited.

Monogram Queen said...

Definitely hair up!
Beautiful.... you definitely are brave wearing this dress. I could NEVER pull it off but I bet you will look just scrumptious in it!