Friday, January 16, 2009


Thank Goodness It's Friday! Remember back in High School when Friday nights meant football/basketball games and dragging main until curfew. Then remember back in college when Friday night meant going out and partying until the dawn and then sleeping in until late on Saturday morning. Right out of college and brand new into the workforce, Friday nights were happy hours and home by 9p.

Now Friday nights are going home and escaping the responsibilities of the world. Friday nights are a way to get away from answering questions. They are a way of avoiding staff, clients and anything else that comes my way. Friday night are going to bed by 10p and taking the whole weekend to recoup and re-energize for the next week. They are a way of avoiding people and demands instead of gravitating to them. Am I getting old?


Lynilu said...

Maybe. But that's not the end of the world. IMO, an easy Friday night at home is the equivalent to reaching the stage of a relationship when you no longer have to impress each other every freakin' day, and you have more moments of comfort with each other than you have "zing, hot-damn, do it again" moments. It's real life, and it's real good. Enjoy it. :0

Caroline said...

I am just like you...I prefer to stay in instead of going out and there is nothing better then enjoying a lazy weekend at home with someone you love.

Have a great weekend.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh honey last Friday night we went out, closed the place down and collapsed into bed at 3a.m. Sat. morning. Did I mention that I took Mad to a bowling party on Saturday. OMG my poor head. It's hell to get "middle aged" LOL