Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Snowed

Yeah! It snowed, it snowed. I've been wanting snow. I want a winter. I want to make a snowman and watch Sadie do a head dive in the deep snow mounds. I want to snuggle in and watch the world be pristine white around me. So I'm thrilled it snowed. The bummer is that it didn't snow much and it's already starting to melt. Maybe there is more to come.
Today we went on a shopping excursion. We were looking for make-up for me for the wedding. Something that hasn't been in my very small make-up bag for 15 years. I was amazed. Did you know that there is new technology with make-up. They have things like pre-foundation prep stuff. Eye shadow foundation? It was amazing. My friend, Dr. T went with me and held my hand as I moved into the world of grown up make-up.
After leaving behind a lot of cash, I have my make-up plan for the big day. About two month to go before I become Ms. Cowboy and I'm thrilled to soon have a husband.

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Monogram Queen said...

You should have just had a pro do it when your hair is done for your wedding.. unless you are doing your own hair. Anyhoo the "rituals" are all a fun part of getting married too. I'm so excited and happy for you honey! It truly is a very very special part of your life you will never ever forget!