Monday, January 5, 2009

Grumpy and the dog

I'm not sure who was worse today. Grumpy, aka. Cowboy or the dog, aka. Sadie. Let's start with Grumpy. Someone was a total Grumpy but today. ICK!! He does not do well with surprises or things on the fly. Things have to be planned and everything has to be just so and today was not one of those days.

I hate it when he is like that. He puts me into a grumpy mood. I know, I know he shouldn't have an effect on me but does. He finally pulled it together and got a little better tonight.

The dog...when we got home last night she didn't eat. That is not like her at all. About 1p, Cowboy called and said I should call the vet. We noticed that she was drooling and has not stopped. He took the cover off of her bed and it was soaking wet. She must have drooled all night long. Cowboy took her to the vet (an unexpected trip that made him grumpier). She has antibiotics and an appointment to get her teeth cleaned but no clear idea on what is happening with her. She's still drooling.

I'm hoping both are better tomorrow.


Caroline said...

OH no....I hope Sadie is feeling better. I hate it when my babies are not well. I feel so helpless.

I hope Cowboy is also feeling better.

Monogram Queen said...

Sending Feel Better/Get Well wishes to Grumpy, Sadie AND you!

Lynilu said...

I hope Sadie is OK. The Kids send her their best.

It could be worse. Look at it this way .... Grumpy could be drooling! LOL!

Oh, sorry for that, but it was irresistible!!!

Lynilu said...

MJ, I was thinking about this, and One of my dogs with epilepsy would always drool when she had a seizure. Have that checked out! Both dogs who has seizures did beautifully on medication.

Caroline said...

How is Sadie doing?

MJ said...

lynilu- you are so right, grumpy drooling would be awful. We haven't seen her have a seizure but that doesn't mean she didn't.

Caroline-Sadie is better.