Thursday, January 29, 2009


Work...If you don't want to read me whine for a while, skip this blog and come back tomorrow, I promise I won't spend more time on this than today.

My job is a real bummer right now. We have a slum landlord that promised amazing space. We moved in almost two years ago and it has been crappy the whole time. We've had walls that didn't go all the way to the ceiling, leaks in the roof where the unskilled laborers drilled screws into the roof, heating and cooling issues that would drive anyone insane. It is nothing for us to leave one day and come back and the place be changed somehow. For example, on Monday, I entered my office and all my blinds were changed. I'm not sure why. I just know that all my personal items in my window seals were moved and not put back.

We have endured all kinds of torment that our landlord has forced upon us. Being the person in charge, all the complaints come up my way. I'm also the one that gets the honor of bearing bad news to the staff. Today's bad news, our building has mold an we have to vacate certain parts of the building. Sucks! Totally sucks. No mega sucks.

Our company has filed a law suit and the landlord walked out of mediation a couple of months ago. The case goes to court in April. We were told that we should be moving in the next 30 days--how much more sucky can this get. I have done this move twice already and it is really tough on everyone and there are so many decisions to make. I would really rather plan a wedding than a move.

Please, does someone want to trade me jobs because right now mine sucks!


Anonymous said...

First of all....I love the picture of Sadie and Cowboy.
Sorry you are having problems at work right now. I know we all have bad days but you have too many of them. I couldn't do a better job than you do, and the commute would suck. Other than that, I'd trade you just to give you a much needed break.
Thanks again for the help last night, I appreciate it. Especially now that I know how bad your week has been.
Just 57 days to go until you are Mrs. Cowboy.....
Hope you have a great and relaxing weekend.

Monogram Queen said...

Well I love the picture in the header too.

I "might" trade mold and crappy building... then again maybe not. Hope it gets better for you though sweetie. It sucks when work sucks cos' we spend way too much time there!

Caroline said...

Sorry work is so hard right now. Just think about your wonderful event in less then 2 months and the honeymoon you and Cowboy will take.