Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Follow Up

Isn't my girl just beautiful? She's such a good one.

So to follow up on the comment that Cowboy made yesterday. I instantly went to being offended that he would say such a thing and I confronted him on that right then and there. He tried to explain that he was just concerned about where we put the treadmill in the house and it didn't matter who was running on it, it would probably shake the floor. Our house is old and he wasn't sure we put the treadmill in the right room.

Knowing him as I do, I don't think he was commenting on my weight but it's so easy for me to instantly go there in my own head because I feel like I am struggling with my weight. We have argued over his comments in the past and since that time he hasn't said anything that was negative. He actually has been very supportive of my goal to work out and has been going to the gym with me at times when he doesn't like to go.

The bigger issues is my own internal feelings about my weight and how sensitive I am about it and how much denial I have about it. I know we should feel good about ourselves no matter what. But gosh, I sure don't feel good about my weight.

The good thing, I'm exercising and noticing a difference. I'm being focused and watching what and how much I eat.


Caroline said...

Sadie is sooooo cute. I think it's about time for me to come over for a visit.

I think what upset everyone that read your post was the way he said what he said. Now I wasn't there when he said what he did, but you didn't say anything about him saying he was joking and he the way he said it, it anyone would think he was talking about them.

I know Cowboy is not a bad guy, but he really needs to think before he says things because they can very easily be misunderstood.

I think you are doing an awesome job in eating right and working out. You have a lot more motivation then me and you should be very proud of yourself.

If you're happy...then I am happy.

Lynilu said...

Caroline said it well.

If (1) the people we share our lives with aren't completely tuned into how they say things, and (2) we aren't completely comfortable with our own bodies, it can be a formula for major pain. I really hope he is is being more careful, not to place your body-image issues on him, but simply sharing the responsibility of the relationship. :)

MJ said...

Caroline and Lynilu- I did take it personally but when I confronted him about and he explained, I could see what he was saying but I instantly personalized. He doesn't think about he says things but he's able to make changes which is the good thing.

Monogram Queen said...

Sadie is gorgeous.. i'll comment about the weight/treadmill in your next post as i'm reading backward. Catching up!!!