Saturday, January 3, 2009

It makes me sad..

The Christmas decorations are down. It makes me sad. I love Christmas time and the house with all the light and holiday bling. I wish I could keep them up for several more weeks but I know that I can't. So they are down. Not without some drama. I was trying to take down some garland and was moving an old oil lamp of Cowboy's mom and the top went crashing down. He was very upset and rightly so. I felt so bad!!

I went to a funeral today. It was very interesting. I was one of two white people there. It was a true cultural experience. I'm glad I went. The lady(her sister passed away) I work with saw me across the room and blew a kiss to me. She tells me all the time that I help her so much and she loves me. It was important that I was there and it was good that she knew I was there.

We went to the sports store to buy me a new pair of walking shoes. After a summer of foot pain, it dawned on me that it was my shoes not having enough support. I need to go hit the treadmill tonight. I'm a little tired but know that it will do me some good. Little Miss Sunshine is coming on the tube so maybe it will be my attention away from the fact that I'm on a treadmill.

Tomorrow, maybe rest??


Caroline said...

I also took down my x-mas decorations today. Every year when I put away my decorations I always wonder how my life will be different when I pull them out the next year.

I hope you get some rest tomorrow, but it seems that it takes major surgery to slow you down. :)

Monogram Queen said...

We still have the tree up and if it were up to me (and wouldn't create a fir hazard) i'd leave it up but alas... it will come down. I miss all the twinkle and lights too!