Friday, January 23, 2009


So I took on the challenge from Lynilu to post about 10 things that I like starting with the letter "P". Let's see how I do.

Pillows- I love my pillow. I love to wad it up just right and snuggle in with it. I love Cowboy's pillow when he is gone and it smells like him. And there is nothing like the millions of pillow's on my couches that are used for napping.

Par's- On the golf course a par is great. I love shooting a par and one day hope to play par golf. I get about 4-5 pars per outing so this summer, I'm shooting for about 9 par holes.

Pictures- I am a shutter bug and like to take pictures. I scrapbook and pictures have become more important to me since starting to scrapbook. I also like to look at pictures. There is nothing better than looking back on a moment of time that captures so many feelings, emotions and memories.

Pork Chops- Given the choice between a steak and a pork chop, I would prefer the pork chop. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up on a pig farm and saw those nasty beast as great food. My dad would always say can't you smell that money. Hell no, I smell nasty stinky pigs.

Parents- I have two of the best parents in the world. My day is a rock and was a great provider and demonstrated a true work ethic. My mom is caring, kind and considerate. She taught us how to love unconditionally and holds us together.

Psychology- I love how the mind works and how people think and react. Psychology was my first major in college but then I moved into social work.

Painting- I love to paint. There is such a therapeutic feeling to just focus on putting paint on something and seeing the outcome when you are done. I love to paint walls, as well as art projects.

Passion- Passion with the one I love. Kissing, touching, holding, rubbing....need I say more.

Playing- I love play. Playing games, playing jokes on someone, playing cards, playing poker, playing sports, on and on. I think that play keeps you young and I want to be young forever.

Purple- The purple that goes with the Kansas State Wildcats. K-State is my Alma matter and I had so many good memories associated with K-State.

And so goes my favorite "P" things. One I left off--my last name starts with a P. A name that I will keep when I get married. For those who are curious, it's one for the books.


Lynilu said...

Very good!! I like purple, too, but just because it is a pretty color. I'm a Jayhawk, I can't like it for your reason!

Monogram Queen said...

I'm a "P" too - and not a pepper! hehe....

hmmmm is your name Popadowloski?

MJ said...

MQ- How did you guess?? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Good list, I like it.
I would have added Peonies....they are my favorite and remind me of Grandma.