Thursday, January 1, 2009

Always Believe...

When Cowboy and I got back together for the third time, I bought a silver charm for a necklace that said "BELIEVE". I used that as my mantra for working through the first part of our relationship. I always believed that we would be together and that things would work out. Before Christmas, I bought some vinyl letters and decided to put this slogan on the wall referring to Santa, God, and Christmas. We have since decided to keep it up year round.

Which leads me to my year in review and the hopes for next year. Do you remember my previous post about my 2008 intention poster. I looked at it and could see how many things came true in 2008. Look closely with me, while I offer my interpretation.

1) Very big ring in the middle, now on my finger.
2) Blueberries- I have a freezer full after picking them with my Mom and Caroline.
3) Puppy- Looks exactly like the rescued dogs we found at Thanksgiving and then found new homes for.
4) Corner bottom right--Golf bag and clubs--new golf bag for Valentine's from Cowboy and new clubs for April Fool's day.
5)Skiing and beach--trips to Colorado and Florida
6)Tree- New tree in the back yard from a nursery and then 4 free little ones
7)Hoeing in the garden--We started our garden and flower beds
8)Time for Giggles--Just a year of fun with Cowboy.
9) Furniture-Antique rocker from my grandparents after helping clean out a storage unit for my mom and new couch and chair from my great aunt after she passed away.
10)Treadmill--I've gotten two this year, the basic model that was traded in for the luxury model.
I didn't hit all of my intentions but made a huge dent in all the intentions that I had for 2008. It always amazes me when I look back over what my hopes were-how many of them are realized.

2009- My dreams will come true. I will have an awesome husband. I am very fortunate that he is in my life and he takes such good care of me. He makes me feel safe and loved.
My intentions have not been set for 2009, but I'll get them done.
I hope 2008 was good to you and 2009 will even be better.
Always believe!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
I like your mantra. You are going to have a wonderful year.
Love you, Kim

Caroline said...

Happy New Year!!!

I am so happy that so many of your dreams came true in 2008. You deserve all of that and so much more.

I love the mantra you put up. I totally want one for my house.

Lynilu said...

You've had a good year, haven't you? I hope that continues as strongly in 2009. Yes, ALWAYS BELIEVE!!