Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm going to do it.

How many post have I written about my weight??? Too many to count and not do anything about. We are three months away from my big day and I don't want to get married weighing the heaviest that I ever have in my entire life.

Dr. Phil says you can't change something unless you acknowledge it. So here it goes. I weigh 198 lbs. Two pounds short of 200. And today I'm starting to do something about it.

It started with a 5:30a gym visit. I am planning on eating healthier and exercising. I would like to shoot for losing 2 pounds a week for the next 12.

I'm starting a "fit club" at work and it will be my motivation to stay focused on my goal.

No more whining and not doing anything. No more complaining. I have never weighed this much and it's too much!

The time is now... I'll keep you updated, to hold myself accountable.

PS..I had my last cherry coke until after the I do's.


Anonymous said...

You can do it, I have faith. It sounds like you have made a good start.
I also need to "admit" a few things and work on them, you know what they are. I make mental lists, now I just need to act on them. Maybe you will be my motivation too.

Caroline said...

If I was as creative as you I would come up with a cheer for you. I know you can do it. I think that's a great idea what you are doing at work. It's so much easier to do something hard when others are there with you.

Lynilu said...

Good for you! Throwing it out there like that is great incentive! I'm putting money on you losing more the 2# per week. Not to pressure you, I'm just saying that I think it will come off faster than you think! Hope I'm right!

Monogram Queen said...

I lost weight before my wedding too, I think it's a rite of passage! *wink*

Wishing you success beyond your wildest dreams MJ!