Friday, December 12, 2008


TGIF--I'm glad the week is over but that means that I am closer to Christmas and I still have not bought one present. I still don't have my list made.

I am ready for the brunch tomorrow thanks to Cowboy. I'm having the neighbor ladies over. My Cowboy got the house all spiffed up and it looks fantastic. I have the food bought and most of it ready to pop into the oven. I'm a little anxious to see how many of my neighbors will show up. I know that I will have around 10 but if a whole lot more show up, I'm not sure where I would put them.

Cowboy is really funny. He complained all week about about having the "old biddies" tromping through the house and then he cleaned the place up so it is awesome.

This weekend will be a little crazy, brunch tomorrow, processing deer meat and then shopping with my friend. Sunday is the extended family dinner down on the farm and Monday were staying on the farm and then going to my nephews and nieces Christmas program where my nephew has the lead role and a solo. It will be the first time that I have been able to go to their Christmas party.


Lynilu said...

Sounds like a full and fun weekend. Yay for kids' Christmas programs! I love them. Enjoy!!

Monogram Queen said...

I wish I had a kid's program to see, but I will in the future! Hope it was fun!