Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Program

I have never had the opportunity to go to my niece or nephews school program so staying an extra day at the parents and getting home a midnight on Monday night was well worth it.

Here is the best story of the night. This cute little pre-schooler stood on stage with his hands politely in front of him (him in the middle). As he stood their, he started playing with is "privates". I thought it was nerves. I kept an eye on him amongst laughing at all the little ones. They were adorable. When the songs were done, I glanced back at my 'boy' and poor thing, he was walking off the stage with his legs spread wide apart and the whole front of his pants wet. Poor little boy.

BooMan was a super star in the play. He sang his solo like a pro and said his lines like he was born on stage. But like every superstar he had a blooper. He messed up his easiest line. The line was "No"--he started saying something, looked at the teacher and said "What" and then said "No". My dad oohed and aahed over his performance, thought he was comparable to Perry Como or Bing Crosby...I would say my father is A LITTLE BIASED.
Little Miss did a great job playing the flute and then was a part of the chorus and did a great job. She wasn't feeling good so her dramatic flair was not as flaired.

The trip home was good. We got home at midnight to a very cold house--it was 55 degrees. It was 10 degrees outside. Our wood stoves were out and the furnace was down low. BRRRRR

I'm really glad we took the time and went home for the weekend. We were able to get a few more things done for my Mom. We got the Christmas tree up, a shelf put up for her and some blinds taken down. Cowboy keeps reminding me that some day I won't have parents so I need to be patient.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to go to their program. I can't wait to see the video since I was sick and didn't make it. Glad you made it home okay.
Have a great week. Kim

Monogram Queen said...

Oh I love stuff like that, the poor guy who peed his pants. Oy what an embarassment!

Stay warm!