Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guess Who is Done

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. MJ was sleeping well in her bed with the shopping all done and the presents all wrapped.

Thank goodness for girlfriends and power shopping. I was done before I knew it. I had vowed that I was going to shop all day and into the night if I had to. I was home by 1:30p and had everything wrapped by 4:30p. Cowboy was pleased with everything that I brought home and I found lots of great deals. The biggest bargain that I really wanted was a Wii. I left it in the store. It was on sale for $249. I was so tempted but left it sitting on the shelf. That was a tough one for me to pass up since I really want one.

Just to let you all know how much color Cowboy brings to my life. I came home the other day and was greeted by Cowboy wearing my new hat. He pretty cute in it but I'm way cuter than he is with it on.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and seeing my friend again. The temperature is supposed to be in the single digits. I'm not sure that I have enough clothes to keep me warm. I'm sure that Sherry and her hubby will be even colder than I will since they have blood thinned by the Florida weather. Oh what we do for our friends.


Caroline said...

I am got a lot done this weekend. Your tree is so pretty.

Have fun at the game and remember: alcohol will help keep you warm. :)

Lynilu said...

I can't .... cannot .... imagine leaving FL for your weather!!! gah!