Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 point Buck

Well, the hunter called and told me that he shot the big 10 point buck. He was pretty excited and says now he is looking for the big doe to bring home. I'm happy for him. I must admit that I wish he would hurry home. Taking care of both wood stoves is a chore. I can do it but is so much easier when he is home.

My family had a little scare yesterday. My dad passed out and hit the table when he fell. He has a big shiner and went to the ER. The doctors thought it might be a result of the medication that he was on causing his blood pressure to drop. My dad is never sick. My mom is the frail one in the family. I have seen the effects of age on my dad in the past couple of years but he continues to work everyday and is generally very healthy. I think that this has scared most of the family. I hope it is the medication and they can find something else that works.


Monogram Queen said...

I hope your Dad will be okay! I worry about my Dad too. My Mom has health problems and lets them get to her but my Dad pooh-poohs his but i'm so afraid HE will be the one to go first. NOT that I want her to, you know what I mean. Him would be more unexpected.

Tell Cowboy not to shoot a doe :(

Lynilu said...

Things like that are so scary. With what your dad has had to face recently, I'm not surprised about stress as a possible contributor. Good luck to all of you.

Caroline said...

Will you make me some spicy deer sausage if I promise to eat it?? Pretty Please.

Caroline said...

Also....I am sorry that your Dad was not feeling well and fell. I hope he is doing better.