Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check List

Christmas cards addressed, signed and sealed--Check.

This is progress. One step at a time. One thing down and 10 million to go. Really, when am I going to have time. If it weren't for Cowboy, I would have 20 million things to do. Next year, maybe no gifts, no cards and a Christmas boycott. But I can't do that. I love Christmas. I love the craziness. I just wish my house wasn't so junkie in the process.

Can't blog much, need to move on to the next thing.

And by the way--my boy does have sock tan lines--didn't realize they were so noticeable. Didn't I tell you he was a country boy and can't go without his socks.


Caroline said...

Take a deep breathe......

I was going to say that it sounds like you need a night out at Kokopelli's, but I am not sure if you have time. Maybe next week?? You do know that Kokopelli's makes everything better. (Just ask Lynilu)

Monogram Queen said...

You are right, one thing at a time!

What is kokopelli's of which Caroline speaks?

Lynilu said...

OK, he can wear sox, but for Christmas, please buy him some of those shorty sox that fit just above a golf shoe or sneaker, OK? LOL! Tell him they are "golf sox," and he will be fine with them!

And for Patti .... Kokopelli's is the best Mexican food in KC!

MJ said...

Kikopelli's is a great idea. gotta find time to fit that in.

Lynilu- you just don't understand about the socks. He wears them with everything in the summer, including his short with cowboy boots. He is a single person fashion statement. He would think short sox were "girly" and those ankles haven't seen sun for eons.