Friday, December 19, 2008

I've Gotten Started

Cowboy moaned and groaned the whole night but he went Christmas shopping with me. He carted me around to every mall, shopping center and store that I wanted to go to. He was a little bah-humbug the whole time but he did it. He doesn't have a lot of money so he doesn't really feel like he can spend lots of money.

I received a little blessing in my pay check today. My boss did my evaluation (6 months late) and I got retro pay. I always think its going to be more but I was thankful for what I got. This will let me do my Christmas shopping with out much guilt.

The work Christmas party was a smashing success. I've gotten started on my Christmas shopping and all my little projects are done.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and rest is on the way. My back is still hurting but I have a few pain pills from my eye surgery that I may take to help me sleep.

On a side note, we have not heard from or spoken to Cowboy's daughter for about 5 months. We found out her new phone number and Cowboy called her. She's mad at him and the call didn't go so well. A couple of days later I called her and invited her over around Christmas. I talked with her again last night and she agreed to come over next week. Say a prayer that she follows through.

Off to bed, lots of shopping to do tomorrow!


Caroline said...

Cowboy is such a great guy for going out shopping with you. I am just like Cowboy.....I don't like to shop unless I have $$ to shop with.

You are wonderful for helping Cowboy and his daughter work things out. Even though they may not thank you, I know they appreciate you doing this. I do hope she comes by to see you guys.

Have a great weekend.

Lynilu said...

Just thank your stars that you have someone to help you with it, even being a bit humbug about it. Jus' sayin'.

MJ said...

Lynilu--you are right. I am thankful that he went with me.