Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 days left

Can you believe it's almost here? Christmas is just 2 days away as if anyone needs reminding. I have my packages bought and wrapped. I have my laundry done and packed for our trip. I have everything organized and ready to go. I can't believe that I actually got everything done. I'm relieved and glad. I have a few things to finish doing before we leave for the farm.

Cowboy and I are having a tough time deciding what to do for the trip to the farm. He doesn't want to stay down there from Wed to Sunday and neither do I but we had a change of family plans. My family always gets together on Christmas Eve. However, with Christmas being on Thursday, most of the family has to work on Wednesday. So we are having a small gathering on Wednesday and the big family gathering on Saturday. Saturday is also my mother's birthday. That means we will be down on the farm 4 days. We were just there for Thanksgiving and for a holiday dinner two weeks ago. I love my family but I also really like the quiet and comfort of our home.

I think we will drive two vehicles down and Cowboy will come back early with a load of wood and I will come back on Sunday. Who knows how this will all work out?

Cowboy and I exchanged gifts today. I wanted a new coat and he shopped for hours and bought me not one but two new coats. I loved them both. He got a new razor and he loved it. So we are both happy campers tonight. He also took me out for an awesome chicken dinner with enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Life is good.


Lynilu said...

Have a good trip, and enjoy your family!

Monogram Queen said...

Glad that life is good and hope you had a VERY Merry Christmas MJ!