Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bye-bye miata

Our beloved Miata found a new home last Saturday. Cowboy and I discussed it for a long time and finally decided that we needed to sell the car. We didn't really need three vehicles and I was driving it less and less. We now have the motorcycle so that will be our fun mode of transportation. I was a little sad but felt pretty okay when I saw the cash go into the bank and think about getting new counter tops for the kitchen.

The car went to a cute 83 year old man who brought his girlfriend of 15 years with him to look at the car. He had just given up riding motorcycles and still wanted to have some fun. He emailed Cowboy yesterday and reported that he had a problem with the car. His problem was that all his kids and grand kids were showing up at his house to drive and ride in the car and he wasn't able to drive it himself. Isn't that cute.


Anonymous said...

That is cute and the best kind of problem to have. Glad you sold it to someone who will appreciate it.


Lynilu said...

Cute story!